« [4] The Mention was gazetted on 8 October 1982

The Argentine Army force on site was a section from the 25th Infantry Regiment named Combat team Gemes (Spanish: Equipo de Combate Gemes) located at Fanning Head. The British fleet entered San Carlos during the night and at 02:50 was spotted by EC Gemes which opened fire with 81mm mortars and two recoilless 105mm rifles. They were soon engaged by British naval gunfire and a 25 man SBS team and forced to retreat, losing their communications equipment but shooting down two Gazelle helicopters with small arms fire, killing three members of the two aircrews..

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canada goose outlet That the only thing that attracts tourists to Long Island. They killing the goose that laid the golden eggs. In the recent past, similar episodes have been reported on Grand Bahama Island and South Andros.. At the conclusion of the campaign he was recommended for a Military Cross by the new CO of 2 PARA, Lt Col David Chaundler; this was endorsed by the brigade commander, Brigadier Julian Thompson who « Very Strongly Recommended » the award, and the divisional commander, Major General Jeremy Moore, who « Strongly Recommended » it; but Lieutenant General Sir Richard Trant downgraded the award, instead « Very Strongly Recommend[ing] » a Mention in Despatches, and this was endorsed in similar terms by Admiral Sir John Fieldhouse. Chaundler’s recommendation closed with the words « The Battalion owes an enormous debt of gratitude to a selfless, dedicated and courageous man who lives up to the very highest traditions of his calling. »[4] The Mention was gazetted on 8 October 1982.[5]Cooper retired from the regular army on 29 September 1984,[6] and became a chaplain at Eton College, which was later attended by Princes William and Harry. On 17 January 1990 he took a Territorial Army commission, reverting to Chaplain to the Forces, Fourth Class,[7] and on 8 October 1994 he became a lieutenant in Eton College Combined Cadet Force detachment.[8] He was promoted back to Chaplain to the Forces, Third Class in the TA on 15 March 1995.[9] He was awarded the Cadet Forces Medal on 16 June 1999, by which time he held the rank of lieutenant colonel in the CCF.[10] He retired as a TA chaplain on 30 June 1999.[11]. canada goose outlet

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