But Sony won repair under warranty

We see what this team is made of for sure. Maybe they shock us all and the underdogs will come back in full force. Or maybe the Eagles will lay an egg against Washington and we can put a nail into a disappointing season. One of the major factors that have contributed to my success is the willingness to fail. I learned very early on is that not everything is going to work out all the time, not everything will make money, not everything will be a success but as they say, if you throw enough mud at the wall some of it will stick. I prefer to think of it more like shooting arrows or throwing darts.

No offense to those who say « just spray them with blah blah and it kills them » but that next to useless. Lots of things will kill them on direct contact. Bedbugs are a nightmare mostly because they are insanely good at hiding and can go 6 weeks to a year without feeding.

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Sony has a better market reputation in terms of customer satisfaction than Toshiba. Also their customer service is far better than Toshiba. But Sony won repair under warranty. Sadly he appears to be one of the least cowardly Republicans in the Senate, as you always hear about some who are scared to criticize Trump because they don want to lose their positions of power. You want to call him a shithead for voting for Kavanaugh? Go ahead. But stick to what actually true..

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