It does not matter if you were hit or had it lifted or

In hot climates condensation can also come from perspiration but you prob wouldn be using your sleeping bag or bivi if you were that hot. Plus you already be wet from the sweat. Having said that I did have to sleep on the floor in the jungle (not by choice) and the bivy bag was the only thing stopping the bugs from getting me..

3D: 3D gameplay with 3D environments require the most time to develop, bug test, and build on which is why I only make 3D games when I working with a team. Does your gameplay benefit from the extra dimension? Do players need to account for elevation/surface angles for mechanics? Look at your documents and see which of them need a 3rd axis. If your mechanics do not call for 3 axis coding, do not make a 3d game.

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Fine art, on the other hand, is a form of photography where by the photography itself is an art form and is purchased and consumed on its own terms. The photograph itself is the product, rather than being a part of another system. Traditionally, this indicates limited prints of photos sold in a gallery in the same way that paintings, sculptures and other museum arts are.

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