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What I said was I expect a OC to game plan around, or game plan differently if you will, when a player is no longer on the team. JBC has not done this. I also said nothing about needing that 1st round pick our we suck. Data for the horizontal planes is given for and windows. The data for shaded windows assumes roof overhang or awning shading as specified in the manual for each of the included 239 cities. That overhang shading is specified in the manual so that it shades the window during the summer, but not in the winter..

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For fusions, theyre simply too unreliable. Even with 4 shots in the mag, if its not a god rolled high impact fusion, its not getting an OHKO. Thats why telesto is so prevalent, it actually kills things. Topped another of Roy’s previous marks on November 27, as he set the record for the most minutes played in the NHL, which had been 60,235. His 1,030th career appearance wholesale jerseys, which happened on December 18, broke Roy’s record of 1,029. He also set the mark for the most regular season shutouts with a 4 0 win against the Penguins on December 21, breaking Sawchuk’s record of 103.

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What you missing is that Burning Man has morphed from a group of friends having an annual party in the desert into a full time business. While the org might be incorporated as a non profit that doesn mean that the people controlling it aren earning piles of cash. In addition to that they pay a large number of people to organize the event (not everyone does it schwag, some people get cash); infrastructure needs to be maintained, stored, and moved around; and payments to BLM, local law enforcement, and the surrounding communities need to be paid.

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